Coins 101

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Coins- 101 - A Classroom Supplement to the ANA's Correspondence Course

 offered at Gold Coast Coin Club.

Our objective on this website is to give you an online reference tool which will provide visual material to aid you in learning about coins.

We will be adding material under the following sections to aid you in your study of numismatics.


  1. Identify/describe the different series of coins, beginning with U.S. coins –series-US

    For additional information on buying coins see the Coins Buying Guide:

   Find examples and descriptions of all U.S. Series at NGC website.




  1. Know the basics of grading coins, beginning with      U.S. coins – Grading –US

Link to: Photo Grade by PCGS shows examples in each grade of U. S. Coins


Information specific to each U.S. Series concerning grading at NGC's Website:


  1. Detect a counterfeit, beginning with U.S. coins –      Counterfeits-US

Search results on NGC's WEBSITE for articles about Counterfeit Coins:;cof=FORID%3a11&q=counterfeit

"Many counterfeits are identified by  diagnostic flaws such as raised lumps and lines or tool marks. These diagnostics are useful to know regardless of what type of coins you collect."


  1. Altered Coins, beginning with U.S. coins – Altered-US

Search results on NGC's WEBSITE for articles about Altered Coins:;cof=FORID%3a11&q=altered%20coins

  1. Determine if a coin has or should be cleaned or preserved, beginning with U.S. coins – Cleaned-US

Search results on NGC's WEBSITE for articles about Cleaned Coins:;cof=FORID%3a11&q=cleaned%20coins

  1. Know which references/sources are reliable and where to find them, beginning with U.S. coins – References-US


  1. Numismatic history

Numismatics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Jump to History of numismatics - [edit source | edit]. A Roman denarius, a standardized silver coin. Coin collecting may have existed in ancient ...

Glossary of numismatics - ‎Odessa Numismatics Museum - ‎Category:Numismatics





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